Your Motivational MCAT Success Story: 499 to 511 in 3 Weeks?! (2023)

It's easy to get sucked into studying for the MCAT. In fact, overloading can be one of the biggest obstacles on your way...

Especially when there is so much to learn and remember. Especially if you end up getting worse grades on practice exams than you'd like.

In this MCAT Success Story, you'll hear how another member of the MCAT Mastery Community has faced and overcome many of these challenges.

In the end, she achieved an impressive and balanced MCAT score that will surely open the door to some of her best choices in medical school…

We would like to introduce youJenny Paul, 511 shooter:


Below, at the end of this article, you will read how Jenny3 weeks left until the lowest score (499) to the highest score (511)!!

But first, we asked Jenny to share some insights about her journey, struggles, and top tips for you once you find yourself in the same place she was just a moment ago…

(Video) From 499 To 511 In 4 Weeks On MCAT Retake!

He knew my dream was to become a doctor and he always supported me.When I was overwhelmed or depressed, he was the one who lifted me up.

I think having a good support system has made a big difference because when it gets dark they can help bring the light in.

I'd also say it's important not to get caught up in the MCAT world. It's easy to get into tunnel vision and focus only on the test, but life goes on. You can't just put your life on hold until the test. Realizing this will help you not feel weird when something happens.

Eventually I had to realize that it's okay to fail. I froze when I thought about "failing" the exam. It took me a while to understand why I felt this way. I've found it's because I don't want the embarrassment of failing a test, and also because I believe that if I fail, I won't succeed.

I had to realize that failure doesn't mean you'll never achieve your dreams, but that it can be used as a stepping stone to get you where you want to be!”

It's not often that top shooters are truly open about their inner journey of preparing for the MCAT. When we do, we're incredibly grateful because most people find it hardest to talk about these things...

Most of the discussion of MCAT preparation strategy revolves around tips, tricks, and “guides”… However, every shooter knows that winning a battle init's so importantto get a high MCAT score.

When studying for exams like the MCAT, it's very easy to feel lonely. Your family and friends have no idea what you're going through. From the moment you told them about your "doctor" plans, they immediately classified you as "smart", "genius", "proud"...

But if they see you study for hours every day for a month and say your score has only improved by 2 points, they don't understand! They don't understand what a "smart" student you are, I'm having trouble with some "exams"...

They look at you confused and ask if you're okay. The look of concern in their eyes makes you feel even worse and increases your anxiety.

(Video) MCAT Success Story: From 499 To 513 On The MCAT

This is where having a good support system can really come in handy. The best support comes from those few people who understand that the MCAT is different from other regular college tests, from those who understand the struggle, who have been there before, or who are with you on this journey…

Not everyone is lucky enough to have someone like that in their life. If so, appreciate them.

It is also our motivation to create an online community enabling interaction between candidates and top shooters. those who not only understand your situation butthey know exactly how to help you and are ready to reciprocate.

(Video) From 496 MCAT Score Plateau To 510 in 30 Days!

Therefore, we try to keep in touch with you throughdaily emailto act as your "support system". informing youEverything will be fine.The path doesn't have to be as hard as you think! There are easier, smarter, and more effective ways to earn a competitive MCAT score that will get you into medical school…

Undoubtedly, the wisest of all ways is to lay hands anduse MCAT research methods developed by top MCAT shootersso you canlearn from your successes and mistakes.

You have to give up what you think is necessary to pass the exam becauseit's different. It is amazing how many tricks and hacks the Chasers knew to constantly increase their scores in each section of the MCAT. we want youlearn and use these tricks and hacks for yourself.

Many students who have been in your position have contacted us and attributed their 510+ MCAT points to the hacks, strategies and information they received fromtop MCAT scorersNOGunner's MCAT Strategy Guide...

Including Jenny...

“Gunner's MCAT strategy guide was really helpful.I read the whole thing in one day.It was helpful to see experts suggest how each section of the MCAT should be approached. He also gave a lot of information about the course of the exam.

If you haven't taken the prep course yet, I highly recommend itthis guidebecause it provides a lot of tips and strategies that you might not get from textbooks alone. Overall, I would recommend anyone preparing for the MCAT to read this guide before starting any preparation!

she got it too128 inch CAR, one of your highest scores! Here's what he said about how to do itCARS championship reporthelped her achieve this result...

(Video) From 503/505 to 511 In LAST 14 DAYS Before The MCAT

“I really enjoyed the CARS Mastery report with over 130 shooters. I find it extremely helpful, especially the part where it takes you through the practical AAMC pass. It was nice to see a detailed thought process written for others to use. Something I did and it helped me to finish the passage myself and then read the explanations given in the mastery report to see where I could improve!”

The best part was hearing about Jenny's incredibly fast improvement...

“It took me about 3 weeks to go from lowest score (499 in practice 5) to highest score (511 in actual MCAT). The drop was a bit strange as I had previously scored 504 on the practice test... I believe one of the reasons for the drop is lack of concentration due to personal issues. I shouldn't have taken that particular practical exam knowing I wasn't in the right place.

This is an important lesson to remember. if you're not in good shape mentally and emotionally, it probably won't reflect well on your MCAT. So do your best to make sure you are in a state of optimal clarity before writing any real exercises or exams...

Let's also say that her actual rank at that time was not 499, but 504... Which means she improved her rank by 7 points in 3 weeks! Still very impressive.

There's a reason we can promise a massive MCAT score increase "within 30 days" to anyone who downloads and usesthis simple and easy to read PDF...

That's because we've seen it work many times!Members of the MCAT Mastery community, like you, thank you constantly and share your success stories in this way (which we love to hear and which we never get bored of :))

We look forward to hearing from...

You got it,

MCAT Championship Team
Your "MCAT Success" mentors.

POSTSCRIPTUM.Like Jenny, you can passto betheyless than a dayand when you're done, you'll have a shooter's perspective. You will learn exactly what approach the top MCAT scorers take to achieve the highest MCAT score that ensures they get into medical school. Think about it… reading something in less than a day can change the course of your future… It's called "investment" 🙂

(Video) 499 To 515 On The MCAT In 7 Weeks! (508 On 1st Take A Year Before)


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