Nightlife in Benidorm • A Complete Guide [Updated March 2023] (2023)

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On this page you will discover the vibrant and varied nightlife of Benidorm. You will find the perfect place for you and your favorite evening. Whether you want to go clubbing or have a more relaxed meal and drink, we've got you covered.


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Benidormis a city in the province of Alicante on the east coast of Spain on the Mediterranean Sea. Benidorm has been a popular tourist destination in Spain since 1925, when the port was expanded and hotels were built, but the real boom as a world-class tourist destination came after the 1950s, when it became a popular summer destination for people coming from the interior of Spain . particularlymothers. Today, Benidorm is a city known for its hotels, beaches and skyscrapers. It receives a large number of tourists from all over the world. With around 70,000 inhabitants, it is the fifth largest city in the province of Alicante. The population, once heavily dependent on the fishing industry, shifted to the luxury industry and tourism following the sharp decline of the fishing industry in the 1950s. Today, Benidorm is probably the best luxury tourist town in all of Europe, attracting over five million tourists a year . Year. It is no wonder that this city in Spain is a major contributor to the Spanish tourism industry.

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Nightlife in Benidorm

With good weather all year round, fantastic family attractions, pristine beaches and naturethe nightlife, Benidorm is a popular tourist attraction not only among the Spanish population but also among tourists from all over the world. The crowds that flock to Benidorm want to sunbathe and swim on the beaches by day and party at night. And to cater to the tourists looking to party the night away, Benidorm has a large number of attractions as part of its nightlife. From bars, clubs, clubs and pubs, Benidorm has everything for every visitor. There are also several dedicated venues for bachelorette parties, the LGBT community etc. The iconic skyline of residential towers on two flat crescents alongside vast sandy beaches is a spectacular sight for everyone. In general Benidorm has a great nightlife which is a must for anyone visiting the place or Spain in general.

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The best places in Benidorm for one night

Benidorm is considered the most important party metropolis on the Costa Blanca and Benidorm is the most important tourist center on the Costa Blanca. If you are looking for a peaceful escape then Benidorm is not the holiday destination for you. If you want to see the action until breakfast, then Benidorm is the city for you. Let's see the best places in Benidorm where you can experience the city's nightlife:

The "strip" of Levante Beach Boulevard, which runs along the beach, is a meeting point for Benidorm's nightlife. The town has a large number of pubs, clubs and discos, it is a must stop for anyone visiting Benidorm. Be sure to check the venue rating and hours before heading to many of the nightclubs on this strip. Reviews are either very good or avoided altogether.

The square around the AvenidaMallorcais another popular nightlife attraction in Benidorm. This is a place to have a drink and relax after work. You can get a pint of beer for 1 euro or less. The place is popular with locals and tourists alike.

The old town of Benidorm has a charm all of its own that has been preserved for centuries. If you want to have a drink, dance the night away and party like the Spanish do, Benidorm's historic center is the place to be.

If you like to party then the road outside of Benidorm that leads into town is for youvalueit is the right place for you. There are numerous nightclubs that provide entertainment for the singles and LGBT community. Most places charge a small entrance fee and offer a free drink as part of the entrance fee.

Additionally, the beaches of Benidorm are a perfect retreat for those who just want to enjoy the cool breeze and relax. Most of the beaches have adjacent beach bars and you can also try delicious seafood at the beach restaurants. Let's see the amazing beaches of Benidorm:

  • Levante-Strand:The most iconic image associated with Benidorm. Golden sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and pristine shores are a perfect combination. Although the place gets crowded in summer, you can always find a secluded spot to sit and enjoy the breeze. If you get hungry after your swim, there are several European-style bars and seafood restaurants to eat at.
  • Weststrand:The beach next to Levante, although sharing the same horizon as Levante, has a different beach mass. It's wheelchair accessible and quieter and more family-oriented than the Levante. Avoid swimming too far from the beach as the currents are strong.

So these are the highlights of Benidorm where to experience the nightlife. As you can see, there are numerous options to choose from. If you are looking for a quiet and peaceful experience, Benidorm is not the place for you my friend!

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The best bars in Benidorm

There are countless bars to choose from in Benidorm, the choice is huge. The old town of Benidorm offers a variety of bars in its narrow streets. Most of these pubs are English style pubs. The Rincón and Levante neighborhoods of Benidorm also offer plenty of bar options for any visitor. Here are some outstanding bars in Benidorm:

  • shamrock
  • the scottish pub
  • KM Playa
  • to the harp bar
  • star and league
  • zodiac
  • Chapline
  • Lennon
  • Joker
  • Steps II
  • The city

With hundreds of bars in such a small area you will probably only visit a fraction of the possible bars on a bar or pub crawl in Benidorm as the variety is great. So what can you expect besides drinking lots? Well the bars offer live football, live sky sports, food, line dancing, bingo, karaoke and billiards. So get ready to drink lots and have fun!

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The best bars restaurants in Benidorm

With a fantastic nightlife and activities, Benidorm could be described as the holiday town that never sleeps. For those who enjoy an intense nightlife, Benidorm is the place to be. Visitors will find a variety of entertainment and nightlife activities in Benidorm. There are more than 150 discos, nightclubs, cabaret & show bars and nightclubs that invite vacationers to have fun and have fun. And of course there is karaoke. Here is the list of the best bars and restaurants in Benidorm:

Vincent's kitchen bar

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With countless pub and club options, the old part of Benidorm attracts locals and tourists alike and one of the famous pub restaurants in the old town is Vincent's Kitchen Pub & Bar, a traditional British pub established in 1965 and located in Benidorm . Old Town and is popular with the British population in Benidorm. Drinks and food are great and reasonably priced. The bar also offers live entertainment such as live music, karaoke, children's entertainment and sports on TV. It is located on Avenida de los Almendros.

Rockbar in Daytona

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Levante Beach offers spectacular views and a cool breeze along with its spectacular skyline. It's also home to some lively pubs and the Daytona Rock Bar is one of those lively spots. It is located on the Levante waterfront, on Avenida Alcoy. The place offers good drinks and delicious food to choose from. There is also live music and a big screen for football fans to see the clock.

Bar-Restaurant Sinatra

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If you are looking for a combination of disco, live music and cabaret, the Sinatra's restaurant-bar is the place for you. It is located on Calle Mallorca in the new urban area of ​​Benidorm, which has seen some massive investments in recent years. And Sinatra's is a famous spot in New Town. The place also offers an outdoor terrace where you can enjoy the cool afternoon breeze while sipping a drink.

Bar Tropical Benidorm

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Another trendy bar restaurant in the new part of Benidorm city. The Tropical Bar is the ideal place for those who want to spend an evening in Benidorm, offering entertainment with a large outdoor terrace where visitors can watch major sporting events such as football, tennis, etc. The place serves incredible cocktails and the best of British cabaret. The food here is delicious too. It is located on Avenida Severo Ochoa in the new urban area.

Friends bar and bistro

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Another gem in the historic center of Benidorm. Amigos Bar and Bistro is a great coffee bar and bistro. It offers its visitors good food at a very reasonable price. The bar also offers nightly entertainment for its audience. The hotel is located in the Calle Bon Retiro area of ​​the old town.

These are some of the famous bars and restaurants in Benidorm. Although they're open all day and into the wee hours, the best time to visit these places depends on what you're looking for. Visit these places on your trip to Benidorm.

Big events in Benidorm

The party capital of the Costa Blanca on Spain's east coast has entertainment in its DNA and is a place to visit all year round. There's always a party or festival going on in this party town. Whether it's a re-enactment of ancient battles, a celebration of the city's patron saint, carnival or a world-class music festival, revelers will be delighted with what Benidorm has to offer. Let's take a quick look at the main events in Benidorm:

  • Party in Benidorm: November– Week of Music, Dancing, Drinking, Parades and Fireworks and Recreation of the Arrival of the Virgin in Benidorm. The fun begins on the second Friday of November with performances such as a huge parade of brass bands, a flower offering to the Virgin, music every night, children's theatre, a mascleta making fireworks, a colorful parade of motor cars and a fireworks display. end the celebrations. The day after the end of the official party, the British in Benidorm throw a big costume party with a pub crawl.
  • Carnival in Benidorm: just before Easter-It's a fabulous show with a children's carnival starting in the morning followed by a playground with a bouncy castle. At night, the adult carnival takes place, followed by parties and fireworks. In addition to the beautiful floats, many people in costume walk the parade route, which is a great excuse to dress up as your favorite movie star or hero and dance around Benidorm.
  • Low Festival with star performances: end of July– The best indie and rock artists from all over the world come to Benidorm to perform at this party. It is called low because of the low cost of tickets.
  • Dramatic battle between Moors and Christians: late SeptemberOne of the best parties in Benidorm. The parades are impressive with grandiose costumes, massive parades and dramatic and noisy re-enactmentsBattle of Lepantobetween the two groups. The cronies march to the sound of an incessant roll of drums and bagpipes to accompany the rumble of gunpowder with hundreds of people dressed as Moors or Christians with colorful costumes and headgear.
  • Pride of Benidorm: Pride Week im September– The latest entry in the list of parties in Benidorm, but without a doubt one of the most extravagant of them all. Thousands of people dress up for the amazing Levante Beach parade and the event also features free music, DJs and a dazzling White Party.

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Nightclubs in Benidorm

Watch the sun go down and you'll see that most people from Benidorm are out for the real party animal. A vibrant and energetic city certainly needs some of the best nightclubs you can offer to match its energy. And of course we have a long list of nightclubs that can match that energy, but we'll only look at the best ones here:

KM discotheque and dance club

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Let's start with the most popular and legendary of all, KM nightclub and nightclub. It can accommodate more than 5,000 people at a time and has three dance floors, twelve bars and a swimming pool. KM Beach, a joint offering, is another great spot for beach dancing. Most visitors start the night at KM Playa and then head to KM Disco for some late night entertainment.

Hippodrom-Disco in Benidorm

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Located in Plaza de Benidorm, this is one of the best clubs in Benidorm. Great atmosphere and open all year round from 10:30pm to 8am. Dress smartly or be prepared to be turned away. It is located in the street area of ​​Mallorca in Benidorm Square.

Diskothek Penelope Beach Club

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Penelope Disco Beach Club offers a variety of acts, live music, international DJs, parties and much more for everyone to choose from. As the name suggests, it's a beach club and offers a great disco experience. It is considered one of the best nightclubs in Benidorm. Enjoy the cool breeze, have a drink, dance to those beats, but after all, don't forget to swim.

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KU Disco is also one of the most popular clubs and clubs in Benidorm. It offers great party nights in Benidorm with DJs, theme parties, great atmosphere, dancers and much more. When important festivals are held in Benidorm, this is the ideal place for themed parties. After all, don't you want to dress up as Iron or Batman and go to a party?

Disco in the Bahamas

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Known mainly for its RnB but believe me this club is much more than that. The place is amazing with international DJs playing the best of RnB, Hip-Hop, House, Dance Reggaeton and Old School. discoBahamasContains 3 bars (2 large indoor and 1 large outdoor terrace). The animation lasts all night. Admission is free and there is a party every night. It's one of the best in Benidorm.

Discoteca Mansion Club

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The Mansion Club and Disco is one of the best clubs and clubs in Benidorm. It offers lively nights of hardcore electronic music. Every Saturday the disco fills up with more than five thousand people listening to the most important and well-known Spanish and European DJs in the world of hardcore music. If electronic disco is your thing, you know where to go. Also, get ready to dance 'til you drop, because here the party starts late but goes on.

Benidorm Nightlife Times Guide

Benidorm is a place that is lively all year round. Although the best time to visit is in spring when the city is full of color and vibrancy. In spring, the party starts in the evening and continues after sunrise at most venues. Get ready to dance until 8:30am at different locations. The party reaches its climax around midnight. In winter, especially in the months of December and January, the party is not so hectic and calms down a bit. The city is mostly visited by retirees looking to soak up the sun and spend time away from the harsh European winters. This is considered low season in Benidorm and the city is much more relaxed during this time. Some locations are only open on weekends during these months. So decide what you're looking for, but make sure Benidorm is on your list next time you visit Spain.


Benidorm, on the east coast of Spain, is the main city in the province of Alicante. The city is known for its luxury hotels, which are located on the city's two main beaches, Levante and Poniente. These luxury hotels attract a large number of tourists from Spain and also from other parts of Europe to this beautiful city. is also 5Islargest city in the province of Alicante with around 70,000 inhabitants.

The city has some amazing festivals or fiestas as the Spanish call them. These fiestas are a good mix of Spanish culture, religion and the phenomenon of the modern world. From the Benidorm Fiesta to the low key Music Festival to the Benidorm Pride Parade, the city has it all. At these festivals one can see the colorful nature and atmosphere of the city. And holidays are also one of the best times to visit this beautiful city.

The huge influx of tourists from all over the world has created a sea of ​​clubs, pubs, bars, clubs and nightclubs to cater to these tourists. Beer is the city's unofficial drink and can be found almost anywhere at extremely reasonable prices. In most places a bee costs less than a euro. There are also different types of bars to choose from like live music bars, gay bars, singles bars, waterfront bars, English style bars and cabaret bars. These places have something for everyone.

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Overall, if you're not a pushover and a party animal, go to Benidorm. This isn't the place if you're really looking for a quiet, relaxing experience on your next vacation. But once you're here, rest assured, the city will keep you alive and moving!


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