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We all know that DJ Khaled is a music mogul. He is a DJ, recording director and producer. But that doesn't stop him from venturing into other businesses from time to time. The latest is a line of chicken wings called Another Wing by DJ Khaled. It's in the headlines and we want to know everything about it.

Another Wing [DJ Khaled Backed Restaurant] Menu with Prices [Updated March 2023] - TheFoodXP (1)

This is not the first time DJ Khaled has entered the business world. Previously, he signed a contract with Weight Watchers a few years ago and claimed that he had lost 20 pounds.

Another of his business endeavors was his line of affordable gold furniture, which he dubbed "We The Best Home." But his latest foray into the food industry has us intrigued. DJ Khaled's "Another Wing" has a lot of noise, so of course we want the tea too.

Well here's the trick. DJ Khaled announced that he has teamed up with ghost cuisine brand Reef to bring you a range of restaurants called Another Wing. DJ Khaled also gave the reason for the name choice. "another wing. And other. And other.

Cause one wing is never enough', he can be heard saying in the video he posted. The ghost restaurant will open and be available for delivery in around 30 cities, including major cities like New York, Dubai, Los Angeles, and even London. The brand now has 150 locations in more than 5 countries.

Another inexpensive wing of DJ Khaled's menu isn't limited to just chicken wings. He you get chicken tenders, chicken wings, some sides to go with it, sauces and sauces. Most items are under $20.

That's how I babble quick facts for you to start investing. I have the entire official Another Wing menu with prices here with me. I will also share with you other useful information that you need to know. So what are we waiting for? Let's get this baby on the road! (Sorry, I was a little overexcited.)

what's in the mail

Another Wing [DJ Khaled Backed Restaurant] menu with prices

Another Wing [DJ Khaled Backed Restaurant] Menu with Prices [Updated March 2023] - TheFoodXP (2)

The Other Wing menu is quite intriguing. It has many creative names for articles and categories. Combination meals are called mogul meals, and wait until you read the item names. I laughed while reading the menu. It's as fun as it is delicious.

The first category ischicken fajitasCalled sweet talk. This allows you to decide how many dishes you would like with your choice of sauce. The next category is what we came here for, the chicken wings.

The wings are called the Other Wing for obvious reasons, but "by the bones" is a suffix. Even though the title is "bone-in", you can choose to have it bone-in or bone-in.chicken wing. Order the desired number of dishes with your choice of sauce.

The sides are celery andFrench fries, but the names caught me (*insert laughing emoji*). The fries are not regular but waffle type fries and are known as winner fries. All other fries are variations on this.

Others include the spiced togarashi fries, jalapeno cheese fries, and truffle fries. The pages also contain the I'm in Oneonion rings.

There are also three types of combo meals. You get soft talking combs, anotherAs aCombos and tycoon meals. For dessert, Don't Play YourselfChocolate Chip Cookies. However, the sauces and juices steal the show.

Dips include Baby You Smart BlueQuesoHello dear Dijon, great jalapeno cheese, and I'm no ordinary ranch. The sauces (I won't name them all) are just as fun.

I'll let you guess. Two of them are called "Un Un Un Un Un Believable Buffalo" and "They Don't Want You To Win Truffalo."

Drinks are the only basic thing on the menu. you may have cannedFridgeor water with your dishes. But the menu is lit!

Without further ado, I present to you the menu and prices for DJ Khaled's Another Wing.

Menu of popular items with prices.

All I Make Is Wings – 10 Wing Combos$ 20,95
20 pool$21,95
Never stop flying: 6 wings combination$ 13,95
Main fan fuel: 15 pieces$26,95
basic 15$21,95
10 basic concepts$ 15,95
6 basic concepts$ 9,95
Four crispy strips$ 9,95
Large Taligate Trio: 20 pieces$ 32,95
Game Day Basic Pack: 30 Stück$ 38,95

Tender Talk Combos menu with prizes

Four pieces of crispy strips$ 15,95
Crispy Tender Six Piece Combo$22,95
Eight-Piece Crispy Tender Combo$27,95

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Another menu of reasonably priced wing combos

All I Make Is Wings – 10 Wing Combos$ 20,95
Never stop flying: 6 wings combination$ 13,95

Also read thosefull Louisiana Famous Fried Chicken menu with prices.

Tender talk menu with prices

Four crispy strips$ 9,95
Eight tender crisps$ 18,95
Crispy Tender Six$ 14,95

Other Wing: Wings By The Bone menu with prices

20 pool$ 28,95
basic 15$21,95
10 basic concepts$ 15,95
6 basic concepts$ 9,95

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Supplement card with prices

win waffle fries$ 3,95
Jalapeno Cheese Fries$ 6,95
truffle fries$ 6,95
extra celery$ 3,95
I'm at One Onion Rings$ 6,95

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Dip Luv menu with prices

Honey, smart blue cheese$ 1,50
I'm no ordinary ranch$ 1,50
Hello my honey Dijon$ 1,50
major jalapeno cheese$ 1,50

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They deserve more sauces menu with prizes

Don't leave hot Nashville$ 1,50
Honey! Honey! hot honey!$ 1,50
Steak Mogul Bourbon$ 1,50
A A A Credible Ox$ 1,50
Sweet Sesame Teriyaki Success Suffering$ 1,50
They don't want you to win Truffalo$ 1,50

Drinks menu with prices

dasani bottled water$2,49
Of wood$2,49
diet coke$2,49

Find the latest Wild Willy's Burger menu at prices from your nearest location

1. Open Doordash official website and order online from Another Wing [DJ Khaled Backed Restaurant].

Another Wing [DJ Khaled Backed Restaurant] Menu with Prices [Updated March 2023] - TheFoodXP (3)

2. Add the location of all the closest outlets to Another Wing [DJ Khaled Backed Restaurant].

Another Wing [DJ Khaled Backed Restaurant] Menu with Prices [Updated March 2023] - TheFoodXP (4)

3. Upon adding the location, the full menu will appear.

Another Wing [DJ Khaled Backed Restaurant] Menu with Prices [Updated March 2023] - TheFoodXP (5)

4. Choose your favorite food and add it to the shopping cart.

Another Wing [DJ Khaled Backed Restaurant] Menu with Prices [Updated March 2023] - TheFoodXP (6)

5. After adding the groceries, go to the checkout.

Another Wing [DJ Khaled Backed Restaurant] Menu with Prices [Updated March 2023] - TheFoodXP (7)

6. When you click Checkout, the page will ask you to add personal information.

Another Wing [DJ Khaled Backed Restaurant] Menu with Prices [Updated March 2023] - TheFoodXP (8)

How to order online atOutra ala [Restaurant supported by DJ Khaled]?

Another Wing [DJ Khaled Backed Restaurant] Menu with Prices [Updated March 2023] - TheFoodXP (9)

The "Another Wing" restaurant is a ghost restaurant, i. h is only delivered. You can order your favorite items atGrubHubGenericName,uber come,door line,Postmates,resolved, or any other delivery platform.

Just go to the delivery platforms and select your location. Then add the items you want to order to your shopping cart. Go to the purchase option, choose a shipping address, a payment option and you're done.

Play your DJ Khaled album while your food is delivered. DJ Khaled also told a news outlet that they will also offer boat deliveries, delivered by jet skis. So you might want to look into that.

Weitere Wing-Franchise-Details [DJ Khaled Backed Restaurant]

DJ Khaled's The Another Wing opened on November 11, 2021 with a ghost kitchen concept. They are currently a delivery-only service and do not have a physical location yet. So they don't plan to franchise the restaurant right away. I will keep you updated with any information on this in the future.

opening hours

Between 11:00 am and 1:30 am you can order “Another Wing” for yourself. So just open your grocery delivery platform and add to cart!

Contact information for other stations

Other Wing Corporate Office Address:208 Rue Migneron, Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H4T 1Y7, Canada. Sao Paulo. 253 7. St. W. St. Paul, MN 55102, EE. UU. miami

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That's all the information you need on DJ Khaled's Another Wing. This restaurant is based on a relatively new concept of ghost kitchens. One person involved in the business of spiritual cooking and preaching is MrBeast with his MrBeast burger concept. If you want to know more about it, you can go to The FoodXP and find theMrBeast Burger Menu PricesArticle to help you. There are also some other informative articles that you might like. Try it. Happy to eat, or should I say happy to fly!

Other Frequently Asked Questions about DJ Khaled's Wing-bezogene [Frequently Asked Questions]

Does DJ Khaled's Other Wing offer gift certificates?

Yes, DJ Khaled's Another Wing offers gift certificates. It is the perfect gift for any occasion.

How many locations does DJ Khaled's Another Wing have in total in the US?

Another wing of DJ Khaled has a total of 150 locations across the United States.

Does DJ Khaled's Other Wing have good food?

if they have good food It is the place to taste delicious flavors, be it delicious wings or drinks.

author of the photo


Does DJ Khaled own another wing? ›

In a world full of choices, there's one wing that stands out above the rest: Another Wing, a wing brand from DJ Khaled in collaboration with REEF. Serving saucy, crispy wings in eight fire flavors, Another Wing delivers chicken wing excellence straight to your door. Because the answer is always Another Wing.

Did DJ Khaled open a restaurant? ›

DJ Khaled Partners with REEF on the Biggest Restaurant Launch in History: Another Wing. REEF will launch DJ Khaled's virtual restaurant concept, Another Wing, internationally across 3 continents, in 5 countries, and 18 states with over 150 locations.

Where is another wing DJ Khaled Detroit? ›

Another Wing by DJ Khaled Delivery Menu | Order Online | 466 W Columbia St Detroit | Grubhub.

Is another wing DJ Khaled near phoenix az? ›

Another Wing By DJ Khaled is located at 9841 N Black Canyon Hwy, Phoenix, AZ 85021, USA.

Does Rick Ross own Wing Place? ›

25 Wingstop locations are proudly owned by Rick Ross throughout the country. Sales from these establishments bring him in at $200,000 annually. His venture in his Wingstop company brought in $7 million in 2014.

What is a shadow kitchen? ›

A ghost kitchen, otherwise known as a shadow kitchen or dark kitchen, is a professional cooking facility that is set up solely for carryout or delivery.

What rappers own fast food restaurants? ›

Here are eight rappers who don't miss a beat regarding franchise ownership.
  • Drake. The Canadian rapper is a minority stakeholder in the fast-casual concept Dave's Hot Chicken. ...
  • Rick Ross. ...
  • Chris Brown. ...
  • DJ Khaled. ...
  • Elric Prince. ...
  • Kanye West. ...
  • Pharrell Williams. ...
  • Queen Latifah.
Jul 31, 2022

How much does it cost to hire DJ Khaled? ›

One example fee to book DJ Khaled is in the starting range of $300,000-$499,000. Also, their speaking fee might be different than the fee shown for the cost to perform or to just appear.

Is Khaled a millionaire? ›

DJ Khaled is one of the most successful musicians in the industry and boasts a net worth of $75 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. Along with having a massive fortune, the rapper makes regular appearances on Forbes' Hip Hop Cash Kings list.

How many another wing locations are there? ›

Another Wing's meals are made in ghost kitchens in 150 locations. Prices start at $6.95 for six pieces. The number of locations, in five countries, makes it one of the biggest ever food-venture launches.

Who owns Ghost wings? ›

Owner and Executive Chef James Stone Jr. has been in the restaurant industry for over 25 years. He was inspired to open his own restaurant with his vision of serving quality foods with mouthwatering flavors. His creative talent in the kitchen along with his persevering ambition has allowed him to do just that.

How many locations does wing it on have? ›

Our established, proven system is already working for franchisees in more than 4500 communities across America as well as in Canada and Australia – the next success story could be yours!

What rapper owns a wing restaurant? ›

Rick Ross, his sister Tawanda Roberts and mother Tommie Roberts are listed as owners of Boss Wings Enterprises LLC in Mississippi. The Miami rapper reportedly owns nearly 30 Wingstop franchises across the U.S. and often promotes the company in his rhymes.

Who bought DJ Khaled house? ›

DJ Khaled sold his Beverly Hills mansion to celebrity plastic surgeon David Amron and his wife, Jessica, for $12.5 million.

What celebrities own Wingstop? ›

Popular rapper Rick Ross owns multiple Wingstop restaurants, mostly in the south of the U.S. Tennis superstar Venus Williams has opened five locations of Jamba Juice in the Washington D.C. area. Michael Strahan, media personality and former NFL player, is said to have invested in multiple Burger King franchises.

What celebrity owns five guys? ›

Five Guys
Five Guys in Merritt Island, Florida
ProductsHamburgers, french fries, hot dogs, soft drinks, milkshakes
RevenueUS$1.711 billion (2021)
OwnerMurrell family
Number of employees5,000 (2021)
12 more rows

Who owned Rick Ross mansion? ›

Ross purchased the Promise Land estate back in 2014. The mega-mansion, which has 109 rooms, formerly belonged to boxing legend Evander Holyfield, who built it back in 1994.

What is a ghost menu? ›

An independent ghost kitchen prepares a single menu to order in a kitchen without a storefront. Most independent ghost kitchens partner with multiple third-party delivery apps.

What is a TikTok ghost kitchen? ›

TikTok has recently announced that they will be launching 300 delivery-based ghost kitchens across the U.S. In partnership with Virtual Dining Concepts and with a quarterly changing menu, these TikTok Kitchens operating from within already existing restaurants will deliver food that are trending on TikTok to curious ...

How does ghost kitchen work? ›

The kitchens themselves don't have a storefront and the staff prepares dishes off of their menus that are only available for delivery. Think of it as a virtual restaurant operating as a digital storefront, with a few back-of-house staff members working on fulfilling online orders.

What rapper owns Burger King? ›

Shanique Yates. Aug 23, 2022. From Magic Johnson to Rick Ross to Serena Williams and beyond, celebrities have not been one to shy away from making lucrative moves in the franchise space.

What restaurant does Snoop Dogg own? ›

Snoop, who owns food company Broadus Foods, said that he would like to offer his own personal favourites to customers in the restaurant, including fried chicken, in addition to traditional Scottish dishes, like haggis.

What celebrities own a Fatburger? ›

Pharrell. Queen Latifah isn't the only Fatburger rapper-franchisee. Producer and rapper Pharrell has opened locations of the chain everywhere from Virginia to China. Fatburger actually has a long history in show business, with a number of celebrity investors, including Cher, Janet Jackson, Magic Johnson and David Spade ...

How much does Jay Z charge for a show? ›

The music mogul says he never charges for a feature. “It's mostly relationships,” Jay explained on the latest episode of Kevin Hart's Hart To Heart series. “It's actually always been mostly relationships. Sometimes it's talent and sometimes someone asks me to be on something.

How much does it cost to hire Miley? ›

One example fee to book Miley Cyrus is in the starting range of $999,999-$1,499,000. Also, their speaking fee might be different than the fee shown for the cost to perform or to just appear.

How much does it cost to book Cardi B? ›

TMZ shared that if anyone's looking to book Cardi B for an upcoming gig, she wants at least $300,000.

Who is richest DJ in the world? ›

Richest Musicians 2023: Who is the richest DJ in the world? 10 of the richest DJs in 2023 - including top Scottish hitmaker
  1. Calvin Harris - $300 million. ...
  2. Gianluca Vacchi - $200 million. ...
  3. DJ Tiësto - $170 million. ...
  4. David Guetta - $150 million.
Mar 28, 2023

How rich is 50 cent? ›

But right now, 50 Cent is worth $40 million. 50 Cent's Lifestyle 2022 | Net Worth, Fortune, Car Collection, Mansion... If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Who is the richest rapper in the world? ›

Jay-Z is the richest rapper in the world, according to Forbes' real-time billionaires list. As of April 2023, Jay-Z's net worth is estimated at $2.5 billion. The Brooklyn-born artist, whose real name is Shawn Carter, became hip-hop's first billionaire in 2019.

Who has the biggest wing? ›

The largest flying bird by wingspan is the wandering albatross. The official maximum wingspan on record is 12.1 feet. But there are unverified accounts of a wandering albatross with a wingspan potentially measuring 17 feet, 5 inches.

What is the most popular wing? ›

1. BUFFALO WINGS. America's most famous chicken wing variety has become a hugely popular choice all over the world. While there are a few different stories circulating about how they were invented, it's generally accepted that the first plate was served back in 1964.

Why was there a wing shortage? ›

Like many things in 2022, the chicken wing industry was still feeling the effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Supply chains were still under a lot of stress due to various factors, and so it became hard to get enough chicken wings shipped out to meet demand.

Who owns Ghost? ›

Ryan Hughes - Founder | CMO - GHOST | LinkedIn.

Who is Ghost owned by? ›

GHOST co-founders Dan Lourenco and Ryan Hughes have built a brand with authenticity at its core. When Dan Lourenco and Ryan Hughes started GHOST, they wanted to build something with authenticity at its core, not a fake version of fitness.

What company owns Ghost? ›

A few years ago Anheuser-Busch InBev sales executive Brendan Whitworth was shopping in GNC when he came across a supplement brand called Ghost. He was so impressed by it that he emailed people behind the startup.

What does wing it mean? ›

informal. : to do or try to do something without much practice or preparation. I hadn't practiced the part, so I got up there and winged it.

Is Wing owned by Google? ›

Wing, a drone delivery company owned by Google parent Alphabet, expects its drone delivery network will be able to handle millions of deliveries at a lower cost than ground transportation by mid-2024.

How many wing stops are in New Jersey? ›

Headquartered in Dallas, Wingstop has 14 restaurants in New Jersey, including locations in Edison and Woodbridge. It specializes in bone-in and boneless chicken wings and tenders with a variety of sauces, rubs and dips, as well as fries. Wingstop is on a winning streak, even during the pandemic.

What companies does DJ Khaled own? ›

DJ Khaled's net worth is due to his successful career as a record producer, radio personality, DJ, record label executive, and author. He is also the president of the record label Def Jam South and CEO and founder of We the Best Music Group.

What company does DJ Khaled own? ›

What brand does DJ Khaled own? ›

Ciroc DJ Khaled is a special collaboration between vodka brand Ciroc and hip-hop artist DJ Khaled.

Who is Wing It owned by? ›

Matt Ensero, CEO and founder of Wing It On, didn't know how his five-unit chicken wing chain would fare during a pandemic. It was uncharted waters for every restaurateur, but somehow, Ensero was able to increase sales during COVID-19.

What brand does Drake own? ›

Drake, one of the most successful singers of the last decade, has his own clothing line brand, called OVO (October's Very Own), and in a partnership with the NFL announced that on Friday, February 3, he will be releasing an entire line inspired by the league's teams.

Who is the richest among Drake and DJ Khaled? ›

Since 2006, he's released more than one album a year on average, putting his net worth at US$18 million.
  • Eminem – US$28 million.
  • DJ Khaled – US$35 million.
  • Travis Scott – US$38 million.
  • Wiz Khalifa – US$45 million.
  • Drake – US$50 million.
  • Diddy – US$75 million.
  • Kanye “Ye” West – US$250 million.
  • Jay-Z – US$470 million.
Mar 13, 2022

What religion is DJ Khaled? ›

In 2018, Khaled purchased a waterfront home in Miami for $25.9 million. Khaled has described himself as a devout Muslim.

Why is DJ Khaled so rich? ›

DJ Khaled built his wealth through his music and business career. When he started to gain traction in the community, Khaled would DJ for a fee of $1,000 per night in clubs. He eventually founded a talk radio show with 2 Live Crew's Luther Campbell, gaining him popularity.

How many pairs of shoes does DJ Khaled own? ›

It's complete with sneakers from his personal collection of more than 10,000 pairs.

What does wing it mean in slang? ›

informal. : to do or try to do something without much practice or preparation. I hadn't practiced the part, so I got up there and winged it.

What are the ingredients in Wing It? ›


Why is it called Wing It? ›

Improvise, as in The interviewer had not read the author's book; he was just winging it. This expression comes from the theater, where it alludes to an actor studying his part in the wings (the areas to either side of the stage) because he has been suddenly called on to replace another.


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