AmazingTalker's Honest Review - Please Read Before Subscribing! (2022) (2023)


Amazing talker review summary

AmazingTalker is an online marketplace for Taiwanese teachers offering 104 language courses for learners of all ages around the world. The average salary is $15-28 per hour, although it varies a lot, and they hire anyone who is fluent in English and has experience. However, reservations can be difficult and hefty fees of up to 38% apply.

Hourly):15-28 US-Dollar*
Are native/non-native speakers accepted?Both
Is a degree/diploma required?NO
Adult students/children?Both
class size:1
Minimum workload (per week):0

Pros and Cons of Amazing Talker


  • A choice of 104 subjects (various languages ​​and types of English)
  • Any fluent speaker with some experience can apply (native or non-native, no diploma or teaching qualification required)
  • No interviews with Amazing Talker
  • High earning potential for very successful teachers


  • The company maintains a variable commission rate, starting at 30%
  • Rregional transaction taxes (5.00%) and a wire transfer fee (3.00%)subtract an additional 8% each month
  • Attracting students can be difficult (especially in the beginning)
  • You must create your own course materials/lesson plans
  • Standard long classes last 50 minutes.

Is Amazing Talker legal?

great speakeris a legitimate Taiwanese online teacher market established in 2016. They have 7,790 teachers providing instruction to 1,143,640 students (at the time of this writing) in 104 languages ​​and subjects, including different types of English, such as ESL.

How much can you make at AmazingTalker?

As a teacher marketplace, your earnings as an AmazingTalker tutor are determined by the fee you set compared to the fees of other teachers on the platform. While the company says its best tutors charge between $38.40 and $177.60 an hour, they give them oneAmazing talkative salaryfrom $5,196 to $14,548 per month most make much less.

AmazingTalker's English teachers do, on average, in between$15-$28 for a 50 minute private lesson, and $6-10 for a 25-minute trial lesson, but this varies depending on nationality and the type of English class offered.

Here is a table showing the averageamazing pay TalkativeTariff for different nationalities:

nationalitypay by the hour
DeutschlandUS$ 34,34 bis US$ 57,23
HondurasUS$ 22,74 bis US$ 37,91
BelizeUS$ 18,88 bis US$ 31,47
ThailandUS$ 17,56 bis US$ 29,26
Hongkong16,79 US-Dollar bis 27,99 US-Dollar
SingaporeUS$ 16,34 bis US$ 27,24
Macau16,19 US-Dollar bis 26,99 US-Dollar
NicaraguaUS$ 15,34 bis US$ 25,56
BrazilUS$ 15,03 bis US$ 25,05
TaiwanUS$ 14,96 bis US$ 24,94
MalaysiaUS$ 14,84 bis US$ 24,73
PeruUS$ 14,56 bis US$ 24,26
AlbaniaUS$ 14,25 bis US$ 23,75
Great BritainUS$ 13,98 bis US$ 23,30
IrelandUS$ 13,74 bis US$ 22,89
UkraineUS$ 13,70 bis US$ 22,84
You have13,67 US-Dollar bis 22,78 US-Dollar
Russia13,61 US-Dollar bis 22,69 US-Dollar
GeorgiaUS$ 13,58 bis US$ 22,63
BosniaUS$ 13,44 bis US$ 22,40
PolandUS$ 13,31 bis US$ 22,18
AustraliaUS$ 13,25 bis US$ 22,09
United States of America13,11 US-Dollar bis 21,84 US-Dollar
HungaryUS$ 12,43 bis US$ 20,72
South KoreaUS$ 12,42 bis US$ 20,71
SwissUS$ 12,19 bis US$ 20,32
MongoliaUS$ 12,09 bis US$ 20,15
ArgentinaUS$ 11,70 bis US$ 19,50
NamibiaUS$ 11,65 bis US$ 19,42
RomaniaUS$ 11,48 bis US$ 19,13
SloveniaUS$ 11,36 bis US$ 18,94
South AfricaUS$ 11,23 bis US$ 18,71
SerbiaUS$ 10,94 bis US$ 18,24
VenezuelaUS$ 10,79 bis US$ 17,98
porcelainUS$ 10,79 bis US$ 17,98
willpowerUS$ 10,77 bis US$ 17,96
JapanUS$ 10,74 bis US$ 17,91
New ZealandUS$ 10,71 bis US$ 17,85
BelarusUS$ 10,62 bis US$ 17,70
NetherlandsUS$ 10,50 bis US$ 17,51
IndonesiaUS$ 10,44 bis US$ 17,39
EgyptUS$ 10,39 bis US$ 17,31
IfUS$ 10,13 bis US$ 16,88
VietnamUS$ 10,00 bis US$ 16,67
GreeceUS$ 9,94 bis US$ 16,57
Portugal9,81 US-Dollar bis 16,36 US-Dollar
MauricioUS$ 9,75 bis US$ 16,25
Italy9,71 US-Dollar bis 16,18 US-Dollar
Spain9,65 US-Dollar bis 16,08 US-Dollar
Jamaica9,56 US-Dollar bis 15,93 US-Dollar
Lebanon9,32 US-Dollar bis 15,54 US-Dollar
St. Vincent and the GrenadinesUS$ 9,20 bis US$ 15,33
France8,97 US-Dollar bis 14,96 US-Dollar
Costa Rica8,92 US-Dollar bis 14,87 US-Dollar
AfghanistanUS$ 8,10 bis US$ 13,50
Armenia7,98 US$ bis 13,30 US$
NigeriaUS$ 7,88 bis US$ 13,13
Bulgaria7,61 US-Dollar bis 12,68 US-Dollar
Morocco7,55 US-Dollar bis 12,58 US-Dollar
Latvia7,47 US-Dollar bis 12,44 US-Dollar
ColombiaUS$ 7,10 bis US$ 11,84
Tunisia7,08 US-Dollar bis 11,81 US-Dollar
PhilippinesUS$ 6,96 bis US$ 11,60
Montenegro6,91 US-Dollar bis 11,51 US-Dollar
Algeria6,77 US-Dollar bis 11,28 US-Dollar
ZimbabweUS$ 6,48 bis US$ 10,81
Pakistan6,32 US-Dollar bis 10,54 US-Dollar
GanaUS$ 6,25 bis US$ 10,42
Sri LankaUS$ 6,00 bis US$ 10,00
CameroonUS$ 6,00 bis US$ 10,00
Bolivia5,97 US-Dollar bis 9,94 US-Dollar
EthiopiaUS$ 5,74 bis US$ 9,56
KenyaUS$ 5,32 bis US$ 8,88
MexicoUS$ 4,05 bis US$ 6,75
Brunei Darussalam3,75 US-Dollar bis 6,25 US-Dollar

The different types ofAlabyrinthine English speakerThe lessons tutors can offer will also affect your earning potential:

Type of English teaching/tutorpay by the hour
GMAT29,71 US-Dollar bis 49,52 US-Dollar
OETUS$ 28,14 bis US$ 46,91
FCEUS$ 24,63 bis US$ 41,06
TCTE EnglishUS$ 18,23 bis US$ 30,38
GCSE EnglishUS$ 18,01 bis US$ 30,02
Advanced EnglishUS$ 17,74 bis US$ 29,57
GRUS$ 17,38 bis US$ 28,96
DOMESTIC ANIMALUS$ 16,47 bis US$ 27,46
GEPTUS$ 16,14 bis US$ 26,91
HKDSEUS$ 15,92 bis US$ 26,54
TOEFLUS$ 15,63 bis US$ 26,06
CPEUS$ 15,26 bis US$ 25,43
IB EnglishUS$ 15,00 bis US$ 25,00
IELTSUS$ 14,97 bis US$ 24,95
Hongkong F.3 (HKDSE)US$ 14,66 bis US$ 24,44
British EnglishUS$ 14,59 bis US$ 24,31
write EnglishUS$ 14,41 bis US$ 24,01
TOEICUS$ 14,40 bis US$ 24,00
Business English14,39 US-Dollar bis 23,99 US-Dollar
English pronunciationUS$ 14,17 bis US$ 23,62
DSE englishUS$ 14,02 bis US$ 23,36
English for study13,79 US-Dollar bis 22,99 US-Dollar
Secondary English (12-14)US$ 13,65 bis US$ 22,75
English to prepare for the job interview.US$ 13,51 bis US$ 22,51
KETUS$ 13,50 bis US$ 22,50
hear englishUS$ 13,47 bis US$ 22,45
Spoken englishUS$ 13,43 bis US$ 22,39
conversational englishUS$ 13,03 bis US$ 21,71
read in englishUS$ 13,00 bis US$ 21,66
IGCSEUS$ 12,75 bis US$ 21,25
CAP EnglishUS$ 12,69 bis US$ 21,14
English vocabularyUS$ 12,65 bis US$ 21,09
American EnglishUS$ 12,56 bis US$ 20,94
English for children (3-5)12,41 US-Dollar bis 20,69 US-Dollar
Basic English12,41 US-Dollar bis 20,68 US-Dollar
english for adultsUS$ 12,38 bis US$ 20,63
english grammarUS$ 12,37 bis US$ 20,62
PTEUS$ 12,22 bis US$ 20,37
Hongkong F.1 (HKDSE)US$ 12,22 bis US$ 20,36
English for children (6-11)US$ 12,14 bis US$ 20,23
OAK (Japan)US$ 12,11 bis US$ 20,19
English go abroadUS$ 12,05 bis US$ 20,08
basic englishUS$ 11,94 bis US$ 19,89
ESLUS$ 11,84 bis US$ 19,73
upper intermediateUS$ 11,77 bis US$ 19,62
English for exam preparation.US$ 11,76 bis US$ 19,60
English for high school (15-18)US$ 11,63 bis US$ 19,39
English for beginnersUS$ 11,55 bis US$ 19,25
English as a hobbyUS$ 11,41 bis US$ 19,02
Intermediate EnglishUS$ 11,11 bis US$ 18,52
travel in englishUS$ 10,98 bis US$ 18,31
SITTINGUS$ 10,50 bis US$ 17,50
Cambridge9,47 US-Dollar bis 15,79 US-Dollar
English GSAT9,19 US-Dollar bis 15,31 US-Dollar
Advanced subject test: English7,65 US-Dollar bis 12,75 US-Dollar
CAEUS$ 5,40 bis US$ 9,00
ESOL3,83 US-Dollar bis 6,38 US-Dollar

As usual at teachers' markets, there is oneAmazing talker commission(or "teacher's fee"), which is deducted from your Tutors' income. This is variable and decreases the more you earn, as seen in this table:

Monthly Gross Income (US$)teacher fee

In addition, AmazingTalker tutors must pay 5% regional transaction fees plus 3% transfer fee.

Putting these tariffs togetherIf you make less than $100 in a month, you only get 62% of your earnings.

Consequently, many AmazingTalker teachers will seek to increase their income through other programs. There is a referral program where you can earn up to $130 per hire:

  1. $10 for each referral
  2. $30 if your referral earns $100 in 30 days
  3. $90 if your referral earns $600 in 90 days

There's also a tutoring program, but when asked about it, AmazingTalker couldn't explain the salary structure to us, saying it was "complex" and "not exactly the same" from teacher to teacher. It seems that mentors get a bonus from AmazingTalker for helping their mentoring team grow on the platform. The company emphasizes that this additional income comes from them and is not deducted from the students' income, so it is not a Ponzi scheme.

Tutors must send the withdrawal request before the 2nd of the monthAmazing pay talkerup to the 15th, which can be deposited up to the 15thIntelligent,PaypalÖCounter, each of which has its own additional charges.

incredible conversation hours

As this is a marketplace, there are no set or minimum hours, and teachers have the flexibility to choose the hours they want when opening their weekly availability. The most successful AmazingTalker tutors work an average of 9-48 hours per week.

The standard lesson lasts 50 minutes, the trial lesson lasts 25 minutes. However, teachers also have the option of offering 10, 80 and 110 minute lessons.

Students can book up to 24 hours in advance and cancel 12 hours in advance.

Amazing talker requirements

To become a teacher at AmazingTalker all you need to do is:

  • speaking English fluently
  • Have experience teaching private English or similar teaching experience
  • Teach with passion.

A diploma and/or proof of teaching qualifications is an advantage, but not mandatory.

Native speakers and non-native speakers can apply.

AmazingTalker recruitment process

ForApply for AmazingTalker jobs, check outwebsiteand click the Apply Now button on the right side of the page. The following crawler questions are displayed:

  • What major do you teach?
  • What's your nationality?
  • Do you have teaching experience?
  • What is your current professional situation?
  • How many hours can you teach per week?
  • What is your monthly income goal at AmazingTalker?
  • Describe the strengths that you think make you a good teacher.

After answering them, you will be asked to log in with your email address and password or link your Google or Facebook account.

To complete your registration, you must submit the following information:

  • Confirm time zone
  • Information
    • Avatar/profile photo (800 pixels/1-2 MB)
    • Name
    • nationality
    • teach (subject)
    • Speak languages)
    • Specialization English (forms of English)
  • Continue
    • Experience
    • Training
    • certifications
  • Price settings (set your prices)
  • Availability
  • accept terms of use

Here's a video that walks you through them:

It usually takes 3-7 days for AmazingTalker to review your request.

Although the main page ofToller PlaceChattymentions that there is a '3% tutor success rate' to 'ensure' the quality of the tutor, this was written with prospective students in mind and in fact the company's requirements are not that strict.

Amazing talker demo class

Heuno interview with Amazing Talker, but you must teach aAmazingTalker-Demoklasseif your application passes the initial examination. You can do this from your profile page by following the steps in the "Teaching Guide" and the opening times for it:

AmazingTalker's Honest Review - Please Read Before Subscribing! (2022) (1)

VIP students are used for demo classes, although sometimes you have an existing teacher pretending to be one. If you receive multiple reservation requests, you only need to select one.

You will need to prepare 1-2 topics for your 25 minute demo class and it is recommended that you coordinate with your student beforehand.

The demo will take place atextension, so download it in advance andRemember to use the recording function.

After the demonstration, the student leaves a comment. If you get a 4 or 5 star rating, you pass; Otherwise, you can make two more attempts.

Here is a recorded example of an AmazingTalker demo class:

After passing AmazingTalker demo lesson, you still need to complete the handy tutorial guide on the homepage, which includes some training videos.

Teaching at AmazingTalker

AmazingTalker Online Tutoringis finishedextensionand consists of 25-minute trial lessons and 50-minute standard lessons.

HeuNO AmazingTalker Lesson Plansas the company appears to believe that "tutoring is most effective when tailored to student learning goals". Therefore, you must prepare all your teaching material yourself.

Classes Amazing TalkerIt can be with students of any age and from any country. The platform's AI meets your learning needs with a roster of tutors with complementary experience for students to choose who to learn from. Therefore, it is important to have a detailed and attractive profile page filled out with the following details in order to remain competitive and stand out:

  • written introduction
  • Self-Introduction Video
  • videos in class
  • additional video
  • Available times
  • Continue

Guidance on using the platform and attracting students is available through faculty groups.

Once selected by a student, you will be expected to contact them prior to class to discuss their learning goals and materials needed.

AmazingTalker Teacher Reviews

ÖAmazing Talker Glassdoorpage gives the company an average rating of 3.3 out of 5 (from 72 reviews), with 50% willing to recommend them to a friend (as of this writing).

The positive comments mainly focus on the flexibility in choosing the price, time and theme. While some appreciate the freedom of being able to use their own teaching materials, others complain about the time it takes to prepare. Unsurprisingly, the most common criticism relates to the commissions and fees charged. Most of them, with a few exceptionsAmazing talker ratingsThey also mention their difficulties in attracting students.

Here's a balanced selection of the latestEmployee Reviews at Amazing Talker:

AmazingTalker's Honest Review - Please Read Before Subscribing! (2022) (2)
AmazingTalker's Honest Review - Please Read Before Subscribing! (2022) (3)
AmazingTalker's Honest Review - Please Read Before Subscribing! (2022) (4)

It's a similar story inReally incredibly talkativesite where it gets a score of 3.8 out of 5 from just 4 reviews. this is the most detailedAmazing Talker job ratingLeaves:

AmazingTalker's Honest Review - Please Read Before Subscribing! (2022) (5)

Amazing Talker also has its ownfeedback pagewhere existing teachers (and students) can post public comments. While you obviously won't find any major company reviews here, there is still some advice, particularly advice on increasing profits on the platform from those who have been successful.

Conclusion: Is AmazingTalker worth it?

The main advantages of AmazingTalker are the range of language specialties that the platform offers, the fact that there is no interview and that anyone who is fluent in English and has some experience can apply, regardless of their qualifications and nationality. Due to the booking uncertainty there and the high (advance) fees, it is not worth it for everyone.

You can subscribe to AmazingTalkerHere.

A full list of othersonline learning companyIt can be found here.


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